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Even as this website is currently being redesigned, JurisDixion continues to be available for business. Please view below for the company profile and contact details.

JurisDixion: the specialist english editing service for legal scholars

Consider this

Do you need or wish to publish in English?

Do you want to impress your readership?

Do you seek top-end international forums?

More so perhaps than their fellow academics in other disciplines, legal scholars depend on the power of their reasoning at least as much as they do on the soundness of their research. In legal academic writing, and in English in particular, it is the art of persuasion that can make the difference between publish and perish. To compete with the very best, you need to be very good Ė and be seen to be very good.

Far from being a mere instrument, a well-composed text written in superb English is instrumental in increasing your chances of success in academia. Itís not just about using correct English, itís about captivating and convincing your peers and bringing to the fore the results of your research. In a very real sense, such a feat is beyond the dictionary.

JurisDixion will help you present your work to its best advantage.

What does JurisDixion do?

JurisDixion offers substantive editing of legal research publications written in English and will work with you to help you present your work at its best. JurisDixion also provides assistance with writing grant proposals.

JurisDixion will:

Quality assurance

JurisDixion guarantees the quality of its service. While it cannot guarantee publication of edited documents or the success of edited grant proposals, JurisDixion does undertake to perform expert editing and it will re-edit any sections it has not edited to your satisfaction and rectify any editing errors it has made at no additional charge.


JurisDixion will treat all information and all documents with complete confidentiality: no information and no documents will be shared with or sold to anyone.


Hourly rate: EUR 100 ex VAT, at a minimum of one hour.

Fixed-price quote: on request.

Offers include a free sample edit of one paragraph and, on acceptance and completion of the commission, one hour of personalized feedback.

Turnaround times

JurisDixion treats all of its clients equally: documents are edited in the order received. Depending on the workload, for documents less than 5,000 words the standard turnaround is five days, and JurisDixion will specify a guaranteed turnaround time upon reception of your document.

Caveat emptor

JurisDixion advises against commissioning the editing of references, as such an assignment is extremely time-consuming and the cost involved, even for one document, likely exceeds the purchase price of a bibliographic data management tool.

Contact details

Email: info@jurisdixion.com

GSM: 00 31 (0)6 14 14 5796

JurisDixion is based in Tilburg, the Netherlands, and is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 17275819. Its VAT number is NL1030.57.080.B02.